Six Enemies of Oil: Heat

Great tasting fried food requires superior ingredients, clean and well-maintained equipment, proper frying procedures and a consistent maintenance protocol of the cooking oil. Taking proper care of cooking oil is a fundamental part of assuring high quality fried food while maximizing the life of the cooking oil and reducing cost.Recognizing and understanding the reasons cooking oil breaks down is the first step in providing for proper cooking oil maintenance. There are six primary reasons why cooking oil breaks down and in this blog series, we will be taking an in-depth look at each of them.

Did you know that heat accelerates cooking oil breakdown? Cooking oil maintained at room temperature will last well over a year. However, heated to frying temperatures, cooking oil could breakdown within a week. Because of this, temperature maintenance is of the utmost importance. You must maintain the appropriate frying temperature of 350°F, and check calibration regularly. An increase of only five degrees can reduce fry life by 10%.

Oil degradation

To keep your cooking oil at its best, filter regularly and maintain oil temperature, otherwise you risk oil passing the smoking point (the point where degradation begins). To get a hands-on training on oil management, find your Magnesol representative!

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